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BIZUU is a brand created by women for women. With this in mind, the BIZUU SUPPORTS WOMEN project was created, which focusses on the idea of mutual support and solidarity among women. As part of the project, a mini collection of unique t-shirts went on sale on Women’s Day, 8 March 2021. 20% of the profit from the sale of each piece is donated for comprehensive and specialist help for women suffering violence in support of the Women’s Rights Centre foundation.


BIZUU SUPPORTS WOMEN is an extremely important initiative for us. From the very beginning of the brand’s existence, we have been committed not only to creating unique clothes and accessories for women. We also want to support women in everyday life. For this reason, in solidarity with women, we have decided to support the Women’s Rights Centre foundation. It works day by day against all forms of violence and discrimination against women in private, public and professional life. It seeks to create conditions that enable women to exercise their human rights, including the right to live free from violence and discrimination.

BIZUU SUPPORTS WOMEN – mini collection with a feminine manifesto

The mini t-shirt collection, of which 20% of the proceeds from the sale of each piece is donated to the Women’s Rights Centre foundation, consists of four amazing t-shirts. Each features a slogan, which is also our statement: MOM, PROUD TO BE A WOMAN, THANK GOD I’M A WOMAN, ME AS A WOMAN. MY POWER.
Apart from the slogans, decorative elements such as a heart or a sketch of a female silhouette also appear. T-shirts come in our #BIZUUGIRLS favourite colour scheme – light, pastel with contrasting elements. They are made from soft cotton with added elastane, and cut in a comfortable, slightly oversized fit. It’s a super fashionable base that is perfect for creating many casual looks.
T-shirts in our campaign, photographed by the amazing Dominika Jarczyńska, were proudly worn by Aleksandra Woźniak. Strong and minimalist scenery by Michał Zomer in red and navy blue further emphasises the strength of the message of the t-shirt slogans and our campaign.
BIZUU SUPPORTS WOMEN is a collection that combines fashion, women’s solidarity and values. Such projects are simply impossible to be ignored.