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Bizuu cares

Bizuu Cares. Mission

Small steps bring us closer to the big goal – ethical fashion. We are working to be in harmony with the environment. We preach partnership based on dialogue, respect and equality in trade. We sew locally, using Polish sewing rooms. We see how much we can change with the responsible approach. Sustainability is our core mission.

Our vision. Resources and materials

With each collection, we increase the number of natural fabrics. We are using more and more recycled fabrics. Our clothes are designed to last as long as possible. We use certified raw materials in their production process. The certificates indicate that the fabric was produced from sustainably sourced yarn. Additionally, our size labels are made of cotton, and our clothes tags are made of recycled paper.

Eco packaging

We are gradually introducing eco packaging. We have placed icons on the eco boxes informing about the recycling options, biodegradability, and local production. Each time we order
eco-packaging, we fund the planting of new trees to sustainably compensate for the raw material used for the production.

Processes. Zero waste

We recycle. In line with the zero waste approach, we try to make use of all materials, which is why we use the unused material left over from the production of a given collection to sew pouches, elastics or headbands. We rely on local production, so we reduce our carbon footprint during transport.

Product markings

Next to each product, you can find icons informing you about aspects of its production. You can find them not only on our website, but also on eco tags attached to the products.