BIZUU EXPRESS YOURSELF! A great comeback of the iconic FLORENCE fur.

BIZUU EXPRESS YOURSELF! A great comeback of the iconic FLORENCE fur.

The favourite model of our #BIZUUGIRLS is back with a bang! In line with the main slogan of the EXPRESS YOURSELF campaign, this time the FLORENCE fur coat is available in as many as four versions. All this to be able to simply express yourself.
Fashion is not only about beautiful outfits and hot trends, it is above all an excellent way to demonstrate your personality, and even your sense of humour. It is no coincidence that the great BIZUU FLORENCE fur comeback is accompanied by the EXPRESS YOURSELF campaign, which emphasises what is most interesting in fashion – variability and expression.
The raw, minimalist and strong scenery created by Michał Zomer has become the background for the presentation of the new colour versions of FLORENCE fur for the autumn-winter 2021/2022 season. Thanks to the scenery, the outfits presented by Karolina Warzecha from the Model Plus agency attract all of the attention. This time, Jakub Pleśniarski from Van Dorsen Artists conducted the photo shoot. The effects of the photo shoot speak for themselves!

The return of the best-selling BIZUU FLORENCE fur

It is not hard to understand why the FLORENCE fur coat has become such a smash hit. After all, it is not only glamorous and warm, but thanks to its unique design it is also the quintessence of urban chic! It has a classic cut and universal size, thanks to which when matched in any way, be it casual or elegant, it always makes your outfit look original and impressive.
Apart from the convenient snap buttons and functional pockets, it also has less obvious embellishments that only emphasise its appeal. The trouser stripes with a logo and the elegant BIZUU logo lining are the icing on the cake with the super-soft to the touch, warm and furry material.

Colour has many names

Beige is the colour that our #BIZUUGIRLS have come to love, which is why it will be a key part of many fashionistas’ wardrobes this season. Stylish and chic, beige I’M CHARMING fur adds subtle charm and lightness to every outfit. It goes well with bright outfits, but can also be a charming addition to a darker base. It is the perfect choice for an intriguing woman.
Nobody said that the autumn-winter season excludes cream colours from your wardrobe. The I’M DELICATE coat beautifully underlines its owner’s calm character and ethereal beauty, and adds an innocent touch to any outfit. A definite must-have for fans of minimalist classics!
Passionate women will appreciate the I’M PASSIONATE fur in a wonderfully tempting camel colour! Warm brown reminiscent of sweet toffee is the essence of autumn. It gives you energy and attracts many eyes even on the most cloudy day!
Black is not only classic and timeless, but also symbolises rebellion. Our black I’M FEARLESS coat is a great choice for a determined and self-confident woman. A perfect pick if you want to underline the rock character of your outfit or make your everyday look a little more elegant.
Choose the colour for you – be yourself and EXPRESS YOURSELF!

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