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We love color, the continuation of the holiday adventure with BIZUU MER

We love color, the continuation of the holiday adventure with BIZUU MER

The second part of the collection BIZUU MER: We love color, is back in a big way with new proposals of interesting patterns and cuts!

Hot, Mexican vibe, power of vivid colours, original prints – this is only the beginning of this summer adventure! The collection features embroideries, lace and openwork, plus very sensual cuts and styles.

This time we captured new, summer styles designed by our unfailing duo Zuzanny Wachowiak i Blanki Jordan in a paradise setting in Mexico. Stylizations were presented by models – Camila Lopez i Mili Hidalg, and captured on photos by Lili Bretón.

BIZUU MER – where black mixes with white and print appears

What do we need this summer? Definitely contrasting colours and expressive motifs and patterns. The BIZUU MER collection is a quintessence of the perfect summer vibe. So we have light and delicate white, calm and mysterious black. There is no space for half measures - choose a monochromatic look or bold contrasts. Do you need something fancier? Discover our original prints - floral variations on red, white, some azure. The floral prints on dresses, overalls and skirt-pants promise original holiday looks.

And for desert... dresses!

What outfit we just love and could not miss them in any of our collections? These are, of course, dresses! BIZUU MER is a synonym for holiday and summer adventure, almost the entire collection consists of wonderfully light, airy and fabulously romantic dresses. The first part of We love color features wonderful items in white, black, and stunning designs. Love prints and floral motifs? Don't worry - flowered models are also included in this collection MER.

Innocent white is always a hit!

White is the best for hot, sunny days! Openwork lace or English embroidery are ideal for fans of the classics. What about boho? Hot, hotter? Perhaps you'll be tempted by Nolina or the bestselling Monarda? But there is more to it than dresses!

Black is always ok!

Mysterious, classic, fits all. Who doesn’t love black? It’s good to have more than one little black dress. A little bit of girly charm? Thanks to the JUIN dress with its interesting waist tie, this will not be difficult. A perfect beach outfit? Go for the MIAMI skirt in flamenco style - paired with a black top - and you're guaranteed not to go unnoticed. The iconic black Monarda will instead be perfect for evenings out or cocktails on the beach. A little elegant, but more adventurous? Right on it! Choose the TEIDE dress with an open back. English embroidery and decorative buttons – and you don't need anything else.

Always hot prints

Nothing is more eye-catching than our original prints. The light, floral LAFUENTE maxi dress, covered with blue flowers does not need any accessories, apart from a straw hat and flip-flops. For true romantics, we suggest ZAFI in a floral print plus slightly buffeted sleeves. A heavenly duo? Right on it! Set: RECIFA floral top with matching LILY shorts. You can also combine it with legendary denim shorts with ripped, slightly wide legs.

Summer must-have – accessories!

This summer you can’t forget about one of the hottest accessories - a wide, braided headband or a cotton hair band with decorative tie. Ready to go to the beach?