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Third release of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection

Third release of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection

Oh, it’s you Spring! It’s right here, round the corner. Bathed in languid pastels, showered with flowers, and full of hope for a better tomorrow. That’s exactly what the last part of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection is about.

Third and the final release of the BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection is the final stretch to compile a perfect wardrobe for the upcoming season. Imagine a wardrobe full of light floral prints, bright and fresh colours, girly, airy, but fancy styles. Yes, that’s them, spring and summer proposals straight from the designs of our trusted designer duo – Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan.

The photo shooting under the watchful eye of the photographer Karolina Wilczynska took place in the glamour-enfolded elegant scenery created by Michal Zomer. The outfits featuring the jewellery of our partner, the TOUS brand, were presented by beautiful Greta Hajwos.

Flowers, flowers, and once again spring!

We cannot imagine giving up on floral prints, especially on warmer days. No wonder that the last release of the BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection has as many as 10 of them! Including those more subtle ones, light combinations of pastels, as well as more expressive, strongly contrasting shades.

Delicate pink shades, whitened sky blue shades, a note of fiery red and a vivid, grass green and the omnipresent white or individual black items. This is in short what colour scheme prevails in our latest proposals. It’s hard to conceal that pastels run the spring trends and we continuously derive what’s best from them. You have no other option but to indulge yourself in these shades and wait for spring!

Our offer is full of variations of frills, embellishments, gatherings, puffs, embroideries, sewn-on-badges, shapes and logos. TAKE A LOOK collection has it all that our #BIZUUGIRLS love the most.

A bit of warmth? Always!

Sweaters – soft, nice to the touch, but most importantly, protecting against cold, are an indispensable element of our wardrobes. But sweaters are not only about comfort, but also about variety. We can choose from long and loose cardigans with or without fastening, close-fitted ones with gold buttons, or pullovers decorated with romantic puffs, as well as slightly more fanciful, full of ornaments and dashing stitchings or gatherings. Take your pick, from mellow and homogenous to vivid, energetic compilations!

In the past few seasons, an oversize denim jacket has been present everywhere, not only in the outfits of celebrities. If you are going to get one, get it in the best possible version. Featuring biker style and with our original applique on the back! For going out or to the office, we propose the Halli close-fitting blazer with puffed shoulders, decorative gold buttons and, of course, in a beautiful blue check pattern.

Always trendy – spring and summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection that has it all!

Warm and comfy at the same time! A close-fitting bodysuit? We got it! In four versions to choose from. From the lacy white Aries with romantic puffs and a decorative stand-up collar, through the Minia model with a v-neck available in two colours – beige and pink, to the incredibly girly, openwork Netta bodysuit with tying on the shoulders.

What a more relaxed style? Why not! T-shirts and tops are simply must-haves in every wardrobe. We propose as many as 9 styles for spring and summer. A classic cut with a note of nonchalance, that is a white t-shirt with a frilly collar. Or maybe tops tied in the waist in three universal colours – white, black and light pink. What else will be trendy the upcoming summer? Totally close-fitted tops with a cropped length. We also propose sleeveless tops – turtlenecks in white or black, or mini turtlenecks in pink, black or white.

Diverting a little bit from the basics style, we are going for slightly more fancy solutions, that is decorated tops. A new version of the check pattern? The beautiful pink and white check embellishes our Roberta model with gathered sleeves and a decorative overlap neckline. Mellow shades and a subtle floral print, combined with a loose cut and frilly embellishments are naturally our beautiful Soli shirt. A slightly more vivid, floral pattern has been applied in our absolutely spring and extremely girly Mendi top. Frills, gatherings, or a triangle ruffle? Everything to look even more glamorous!

We shorten the distance to the world of fashion

And length, too! Soon hotter days are to be here, so it’s high time you equipped yourselves with lighter clothes. Comfy shorts? Black cycling shorts are everlastingly trendy and you can pair them not only with sporty outfits. Add a vintage spirit to your look by pulling on the high-waisted Biba shorts in a blue check with wide legs or the denim shorts – Dinna with wide, half-thigh length legs and comfy pockets.

A girly or a feminine skirt? You do not need to choose, you can have them all. The frilly and flowery Noela, feisty, denim asymmetric Daisy with frills and jagged rims, or the 3/4 sleeved openwork Mallory in white. You will love each of them from the very first wear!

Summer marked by romanticism

Never too many dresses. At least this is what we tend to repeat to ourselves. There are as many as 6 designs in the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection. A delicate, airy, snow-white Tafita with a lower neckline, midi length, elbow-length sleeves, and lacy inserts, which add it even more lightness. For fans of denim, we propose our comfy, button-up Rosemary dress with a fastening at the waist that emphasises your body shape. This mini is full of charm, maybe due to the puffed, long sleeves with decorative gatherings. Check is an undisputed queen of all prints. This time we suggest it in a slightly vintage design of the Rio model, featuring a close-fitting top, waist cut and a bit flared half-calf length skirt. And for a dessert – three flowery models. The white Anna midi dress in pink flowers and frills, the hot, pink and red Flores in a slightly latino style, or Milford with a refreshing, green, flowery pattern, an extended skirt and charming welts.

Plenty of accessories is no plaque

And it is never too many of them! Pastel colours, delicate flowers and charming embellishments have settled in our seven headbands, which will perfectly fit in with both TAKE A LOOK collection outfits, as well as other BIZUU collection lines. What to wear for a stronger sun? A charming hat – in flowers. Colder days? A striking neck scarf in two variants – the beautiful Silva in pink or Sally in pink and green. When it comes to your feet, you need to go for our extra cool Serafil socks the comfy white, leather, laced Rally shoes.