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The third stage of the autumn-winter BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection

The third stage of the autumn-winter BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection

The last fashion story about our autumn-winter proposals is an extremely romantic and, of course, feminine completion of the whole. The BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection leads us towards winter with grace and ease.

Cooler days and all those cold mornings are the best time to wrap up in warm and soft materials. Of course, in the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection, there are also beautiful, flowery, original patterns, female cuts and interesting solutions. All of this is chosen so that it emphasises the romantic soul of the person wearing it.
The photo session moved from blooming fields to cosy interiors. The latest stage of the collection by two designers, Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan, was presented by Maja Salamon and Bree Naumowicz from the D’Vision agency. The styling was accompanied by TOUS jewellery. The photographer Karolina Wilczyńska is in charge of capturing the effects of this cooperation.

The third stage of the autumn-winter BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection

The #BIZUUGIRL welcomes winter in style. She is not scared of cold weather, she dresses in layers, not saying goodbye to stylish solutions. She’s more willing to reach for darker colours – navy blue or black. She also wears subtle grey, but at the same time, she does not forget the graceful rose, blue or accents of warm beige. Colour combinations are elegant and soft, as well as incredibly universal.
This stage of the collection does not fall behind in terms of solutions characteristic for the brand. Romantic ruffles, rich decorations and drapery, interesting puffy sleeves, also in unusual items of clothing such as sweatshirts, elegant pleats and sensual laces appear in many of our proposals. Flowery pints, original logos, thick bands, stars and other elements, in line with the spirit of BIZUU, fit perfectly with the motto of this version – FOLLOW YOUR SOUL.

Fabrics? Naturally!

The collection is certainly distinguished by the use of a large number of natural materials, which account for as much as 75% of the collection. It is not only very comfortable to wear but above all it is a good solution for the natural environment. Therefore, cotton (including organic cotton) and viscose, mohair and merino wool can be found in sweaters. We have also tried to eliminate regular polyester and replace it with recycled polyester. Everything used come from proven suppliers offering only quality products.

Femininity at its best

In the Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 collection, we did not forget about dresses! After all, they can be worn in winter, keeping in mind the principle of layers. Fortunately, our models are very easy to match, both within this collection and the other ones.
Prints have always accompanied us, so it is not surprising that this time they cover most of our dresses. Floral ones predominate – wonderful, subtle and breathtaking. So there are more delicate sets, both ash-powdery, black-cream, also blue-beige and slightly more lively, floral motifs in the colours of autumn, and those with a navy blue background covered with cornflowers. There are also two models in black for fans of classic designs, decorated with sensual embroidery or lace that will look perfect in outfits for many occasions.
As far as skirts are concerned, the minis and midis dominate. As a standard, we have flowery ones, in subtle colour combinations. There is also one in the unique pink Lourdes checked pattern that makes a perfect set with the short Kala jacket. We also have skirts in a smooth, classic black, pencil, lace or leather (vegan leather) version.
Of course, the upper garments in the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection are also not without imagination. We have an ash-grey blouse decorated with pink flowers, with a jabot, puffy sleeves and ribbed cuffs. Shirts in two versions – mysterious: black with beautiful frill on the breast, puffy sleeves and English embroidery, and dreamy: black in large, beige flowers with drapery and frills, fastened with little buttons. As many as three models of comfortable bodysuits are tempting with interesting solutions. There is a blue one in cornflowers with a V-neckline and lowered, puffy shoulders and two models in black, with variations of lace and puffs. For fans of basics, we have prepared its female version in black – with a decorative lace and a frilled collar.


FOLLOW YOUR SOUL – ease, comfort and universality

Winter is also a good time for a bit of ease, so our proposals also include comfortable and stylish models. Warm sweatshirts are available in four new versions. A classic black with a hood and a pink floral motif, and three models with puffy shoulders in black and navy blue with a logo patch on the neck.
When it comes to trousers, we went for comfort. In addition to grey jeans with a fashionable worn-out effect and high waist, we have two pairs of black tracksuit trousers made of knitted fabric. Whether it is with delicate floral embroidery or the BIZUU logo, or the Alger sweater with a loose fit in an original print, it is a perfect fashion duet with the Karter sweater covered with the same motif.

Even warmer, even more comfortable!

We would not be ourselves if we forgot about sweaters. Especially at the beginning of winter, it will be great to wrap yourself in soft material. That is why we prepared twelve different versions. At first glance – the favourite #BIZUUGIRL models, which are longer cardigans without buttons. Subtle grey with the BIZUU logo, charming black and pink with a signature floral print and the logo, or a honey-pink and black-pink with stars. There are also buttoned sweaters with a bit longer cut. With decorative prints: a navy blue sweater in blue pattern with a pink strip or a caramel one with bright flowers and pink inserts. The cherry on the cake is the Tobias model, black with a pink, original pattern with the BB logo.
Buttoned sweaters are also classic black and white models with eye-catching weaves and frills in the front, and hip length and puffy sleeves. In addition, there are three models of pullovers. A super-soft one in grey with a visible weave in thick stripes, a honey-black and pink pullover with a V-neck or the already-mentioned navy-grey Karter model with an original motif and a hood.

In addition, a perfectly composed outfit

Accessories focus on hair bands that will complement styling which uses the clothes from this collection. They are six different models, smooth and printed with effective weaves. Speaking of hair, we also offer a universal logoed hair sash in blue with navy blue inscriptions. It can be used both on the head and even as a dress belt.