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The second edition of the holiday BIZUU MER 2021 collection

The second edition of the holiday BIZUU MER 2021 collection

We continue our holiday fashion journey with the second edition of the BIZUU MER collection. Full of airy dresses, short blouses, English embroidery and light colours, it is sure to perfectly match any summer landscape.
An idyllic holiday with lots of travelling through the most romantic places – from streets with a unique atmosphere to the hottest beaches with magnificent views. Our fashion travels are guided by the Costa Rican greeting PURA VIDA, which means joy and cheerfulness, as well as respect for the surrounding world. This is why the romantic clothes and accessories are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen and viscose. Not only do they offer comfort and breathability on hot days, but they are above all good for nature.

The photos of the BIZUU MER collection were taken by Dominika Jarczyńska, while the styling and jewellery of our partner, TOUS, were presented by Monika Patryka from the REBEL MODELS agency.

The holiday BIZUU MER collection is a journey of comfort

The second edition of BIZUU MER complements our holiday proposals, and is a must have for the perfect summer wardrobe. There is no shortage of airy fabrics, delicate lace and English embroidery, which give the clothes a light and feminine character. It is full of subdued colours – beige, white or classic black, but with no lack an element of extravagance in the form of our own prints.
As with all our lines, this one is also focused on versatility. Most items are perfect both for a trip to the beach and for a casual outfit worn during a summer in the city. Modularity and multifunctionality are now our standard. The clothes from the BIZUU MER summer collection can also be combined with other collections to create stunning outfits.

Hot new arrivals and even hotter returns

There has been no shortage of hot new arrivals. A black jumpsuit with decorative tassels, an asymmetric white shirt with a collar or an English embroidery set – a short black blouse and a frilly skirt. All of this is ultra-feminine and extremely comfortable.
The line is dominated by dresses of various lengths. There are also some super-fashionable cuts exposing the back or revealing the shoulders. But there are also sets that can be worn any way you like – together or with other items from this or other collections. There is also a very holiday item of clothing – the kimono. In two classic colours – white and timeless black. We cannot imagine any trip to the seaside without it. It will also match casual outfits and can be matched with t-shirts or shorts.
Apart from fresh cuts and looks, new colour variants of bestselling items from previous collections are back. There is an asymmetrical MONARDA midi dress and a knitted set consisting of shorts and a sweatshirt, this time with a white and pink print. And on top of that – accessories! The well-known and beloved handmade headbands with prints that every fashion-loving #bizuugirl should have.