The first of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection.

The first of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection.

Just look at it - the casual, subdued and girly BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection is the perfect promise of spring. Are you ready for some fresh fashion ideas?

Snowy and frosty days can quickly make us long for sunshine, lighter colours and flowing cuts of clothes. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Let it be a gradual transition from warm and enveloping items to subtler colours and thinner materials. This is basically what our spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection is all about! It’s also full of gorgeous original prints from our two designers: Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan. The designs captivate with their freshness, girlish ease and romantic feel.

A new year is a clean start – it’s a time for finding the simplest solutions and for getting rid of all unnecessary burdens in life. That’s why Michał Zomer made sure that our photo shoot was extremely minimalistic. He wanted to highlight the spring outfits created by Karla Gruszecka which were presented on model Greta Hajwos along with TOUS jewellery, the photographs taken by Karolina Wilczyńska. You have to admit, the results are stunning.

BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! – a print-driven collection

The first of the BIZUU 2022 spring-summer collection, featuring a total of 13 original prints. There are floral patterns popular among #BIZUUGIRLS, variations on our logo or the letter B, as well as red hearts created for the hot end of winter marked by Valentine’s Day. Our models never lack flowers, regardless of the season. In early spring, the combinations are generally more subtle: romantic white, caramel and pink, blue or white on black, blue on beige, but also something a little more vibrant; soft neon orange on white. Sounds great?

Looks even better! It’s not just the prints, but also the check pattern - which remains one of the hottest trends - and the striking washed effect that you can find in the BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection. A touch of grunge combined with romantic cuts, frills, pleats and ties give the whole outfit a unique flair. All this topped off with our must-have accessories: BIZUU embroideries and patches to further emphasise the temperaments of all the girls who wear them.

When the chill sets in

As spring is only tentatively winning ground, it’s good to have some warm and, of course, stylish clothes ready. How about a jacket? A short biker jacket that has been a must for many seasons can once again be relied upon to be your go-to warmer. Try our Luka model in a captivating warm reddish beige. Something more refined? The Olivia blazer in beige and grey check to brighten up your outfit and give it a more formal feel. Or maybe punk nonchalance? A long, shirt-like coat in a pink plaid flannel style is just what you’re looking for.

A warm jumper or comfortable sweatshirt will come in handy at almost any time of the year. For those who like a sporty style, there’s the black hoodie with a stylish chest detail, or the slightly more girly sweatshirt with puffed sleeves and extremely fashionable washed-out effect. Jumpers are one of our specialities. This time we start our selection with the already iconic long open-front cardigans that our #BIZUUGIRLS love so much. Both the white and beige Carla and the white and black Mafra with pink inserts feature floral prints. Then there are the classic, buttoned-down styles. One is shorter, black and white, floral and elegant. Others are standard hip-length and feature floral red and white or branded black and white designs. There are also two plain models: Clara in neon pink with puffed sleeves and an eye-catching weave and the caramel Eleanor with a decorative variation on the front. And finally – the most adorable cream Arabella jumper embellished with red hearts.

Chic from head to toe

Fancy gathers, puffs, lace and frills are already our trademarks. Combine these with the alluring prints and details and you’ll get the ultimate showstopper. We’ve prepared as many as 6 models of bodysuits in uniform, basic colours ranging from black to beige to white. There are also 5 comfortable colours of T-shirts, plus a slightly rockier grey one, with a washed-out effect and the BIZUU logo. Romantic blouses come in many different variations – the black puff-sleeved, lacy Pinon, the floral, lacy and slightly Victorian Cayota, the floral Santee and the charming and frilly denim Antuana. When it comes to trousers or skirts, we rely on proven solutions. What’s better than denim? Double denim! Preferably with a high waist with tie detailing or a signature washed-out effect. Here, the immortal check pattern is featured in the Cama miniskirt, which makes the perfect duo with the blazer from our collection, while edgy leather can be found in the asymmetric bandage miniskirt. Flowers have landed on other, more romantic models – with frills, creases and extra lace.

The dress has many faces

A dress is something we never forget. If perfectly chosen, it can work wonders and make us feel like a million dollars. The BIZUU 2022 spring-summer collection has a full range of options to choose from. There’s the grey denim shirt-cut Melissa dress with a decorative bow and mysterious feminine lace, or fitted knitwear models in sophisticated black. Of course, floral motifs are also included. A warmer version can be found in the Caliari jumper dress, while the slightly more lightweight mini and midi cuts with long, short or 3/4 sleeves are adorned with other equally beautiful prints.

Perfect fit

We can also boast about the perfectly matching accessories in our collection. From floral headbands loved by #BIZUUGIRLS, to a decorative sash or a beautiful scarf that can be worn any way you like, to warm socks or a check hat. We’ve also prepared 3 belts in light pink, brown and black with decorative buckles to wear with trousers or dresses. 

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