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The BIZUU MER I 2021 holiday collection – with romantic style

The BIZUU MER I 2021 holiday collection – with romantic style

Full of life, colours, summer patterns and cuts – this describes the first instalment of the BIZUU MER summer collection. A wide range, interesting textures and interesting variations on patterns together make this collection difficult to ignore.

PURA VIDA – open yourself to fashion

The Costa Rican greeting PURA VIDA signifies joy and cheerfulness, as well as respect for the world around us, and is now the motto for the BIZUU MER collection. In following its spirit, with this unique line we wanted to reflect all these good moments, longing for voyages and enjoying positive energy. It is not just yet another collection, but also the certainty that each item, when combined with other BIZUU clothes and accessories, can create a unique and original whole.
Optimistic patterns and soothing colours accompanied by fine, light clothes from the summer line were captured on camera by Dominika Jarczyńska and presented by Monika Patryka from the REBEL MODELS agency. The delicate, feminine atmosphere of the photo session emphasised the energetic and graceful character of the collection. The entire collection was completed with jewellery provided by our partner – TOUS.

The BIZUU MER holiday collection is the essence of summer

Warm, sunny days call for beautiful dresses. That's why our summer collection is full of different variants. From airy, frilly dresses with fancy types of tying, through semi-transparent dresses with boho eyelets, all the way to ultra-feminine ones with floral motifs. Stripes or perhaps flowers? Vibrant or subdued. Single colour items have retained their calm hues. Black and white are the dominant colours, but there is also powder pink or khaki, which is making a comeback.
Sets of skirts and shorts with blouses and tops are equally girlish and romantic. Puff sleeves, frills and asymmetrical cuts are ideal as a duet or with other items of clothing. There are also other variants of shorts and a holiday perfect, impressively trimmed kimono.
The sports part of the collection includes one-piece jumpsuits in caramel and white with pink floral print. In addition, charming sweatshirts with a pastel, floral motif, complete with short tracksuit shorts.
The first part of the BIZUU MER summer collection is of course accompanied by accessories! The handmade, much-loved print and boho headbands, as well as stylish, caramel-coloured leather flip-flops, are the perfect addition to any stylish look. Natural materials such as cotton, viscose and linen ensure comfort, even when the weather is hot.