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Second release of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection

Second release of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK! collection

While we wait for the first warm and sunny days, let’s take a moment to look at the new release of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection. Just look how beautiful this spring is going to be!

A spectacle of spring colours, floral patterns, romantic embellishments. The second release of the spring-summer BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection is a breath of fresh air, with a wealth of new original prints. It is an extremely feminine mix of juicy and subtle colours and the most fashionable cuts. The designs by the designer duo of Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanca Jordan once again impress with their creativity and modernity, while maintaining an extremely girlish charm.

The latest models from the collection together with TOUS jewellery were presented by Greta Hajwos. The classic glamour scenery was created by the renowned Michał Zomer. The photographer Karolina Wilczyńska was once again responsible for capturing the effects on the photos.

BIZUU TAKE A LOOK collection covered with flowers

Just see how wonderfully your wardrobe will bloom with BIZUU! When everything wakes up again, the first flowers appear on trees and meadows, and the world regains its colours, we are more motivated to change. So why not change our approach to fashion and reach for bolder combinations? The Spring-Summer 2022 collection is dominated by patterns. There are as many as 14 original prints, including 13 completely new ones. Flowers reign supreme, but our favourite logos are also present, as well as trendy checks in interesting colour combinations, and stripes and straps making their comeback.

After the first release, where subtle shades prevailed, it was time to add a bit of juicy colours. A strong, sweet pink, a particularly girly accent in our new line, certainly catches the eye. Alongside lighter shades of pink, pastels, light beige, blue, creamy white and a hint of black look spectacular.
Embellishments and different cuts are definitely something our #BIZUUGIRLS love. That’s why the TAKE A LOOK collection abounds in popular frills, creases, charming puff shoulders and other impressive details such as golden buttons, medallions, romantic lace, embroidery and patches. Additional pleats and folds, collars and decorative cuffs only add to the fancy nonchalance.

Beauty and comfort

For years, BIZUU has relied on quality and reliable suppliers of materials, from which all models are carefully created. The Spring-Summer 2022 collection uses organic cotton, 100% cotton and viscose, recycled materials as well as merino wool, sheep wool and mohair kid.

A cool wind of change

Before the sun warms us up for good and we finally jump into floaty dresses, we can’t forget about warm coats and dressing in layers. And this time our proposals could not do without a set of warm jumpers. In various colours, with beautiful prints and different cuts. We have both plain ones, in sweet pink and neutral beige, as well as ones covered with wonderful floral patterns or classic black and white stripes. We have both longer, below-the-knee ones, as well as ones with an extended waist cut, but also with a shortened, fashionable form. There are buttoned ones with decorative buttons, as well as unbuttoned or below-the-neck ones. For those who like a more sporty look, there is a juicy pink sweatshirt. You can choose any colour you like!

For more severe weather, we suggest a long, extended coat with belt, floral embroidery with the BIZUU logo on the back, in a warm caramel colour. The hit of these proposals will definitely be a classic, single-breasted jacket with a loose fit in a uniform shade of strong, medium pink. It will definitely add a unique touch to any outfit.

When it comes to trousers, our suggestions are synonymous with comfort. Warm, fitted tracksuit bottoms in pretty pink, mom jeans with a high waist, pleats at the hips and rolled up legs also in a lively spring pink shade. Or in a slightly more conservative shade of warm beige in a similar shape, but in a sportier style.

BIZUU versatility

There are some things in our wardrobes that are always the easiest to style. All it takes is a small change and our outfit gains a new dimension. These are of course blouses, shirts and comfortable bodysuits. Lace, puff shoulders and frilly embellishments reign here. Both white, black and multicoloured with prints. Looser t-shirts, ideal for everyday wear, not only in a youthful style. Smooth ones in pink or with colourful stripes and BIZUU applications. A tailored waistcoat in warm beige with decorative gold buttons will certainly add elegance and chicness, making a perfect set with trousers from the collection made of the same material.

Femininity never goes out of style

There is something that always appears among the clothes in our collections and something that is our inseparable element – femininity! This unfalsifiable element is most evident in our most girly models – skirts and dresses.

Here, too, there’s no lack of variety in terms of cuts, colours or embellishments. We have plenty of skirts, from mid-calf lengths to mini skirts, perfect with tights or for warmer days. From ruffled and flowy to fitted and figure-enhancing. We have both knitwear, eco leather and viscose. Muted colours, warm light beige, or floral variations around blue, pink, black and white. We can’t wait to wear them!

Dresses represent quite a solid number of models in the collection. Beautiful, romantic, long or short-sleeved, decorated with puff shoulders, ruffles and creases. Solid, denim, knitted or with floral prints. Many shortened length models, but also a lot of knee-length ones, which can be worn even before the hot days arrive. The spring-summer collection also includes a blue jumpsuit with burgundy flowers, which will surely play the leading role in many stylisations.

You cannot have too much of a good thing

None of us can say that accessories are redundant. After all, accessories are a great way to enhance any outfit and make it even more interesting. And this time we definitely have a lot to choose from! A floral scarf and sash that can be worn any way you like. Lovely hats and caps in checks or strong colours. And our top hits: beautiful headbands with patterns from the collection or plain ones with fancy ties. As the icing on the cake, we suggest black, comfortable moccasins on a solid sole with golden, vintage buckles.