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Second release of the 2023 spring-summer BIZUU - WOMAN collection: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, FEMININITY

Second release of the 2023 spring-summer BIZUU - WOMAN collection: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, FEMININITY

Spring will be all about women. Hence, not only beautiful, but also creative, diverse and extremely feminine. And this is another release of the spring-summer collection BIZUU WOMAN: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, FEMININITY.

Spring is the time of new beginnings and big changes. This is the time when we catch the wind in our sails and fight for our dreams more eagerly. Dream with us and our newest 2023 Spring-Summer collection. Feel what it means to be feminine, creative and diverse. Go wild, express yourself and play with fashion - boldly and without restraint.

This time Zuzanna Wachowiak i Blanka Jordan are taking us on an extremely refreshing fashion journey. In a minimalistic scenery of Michała Zomera, under the watchful eye of a stylist Karli Gruszeckiej and a duet of photographers: Agnieszka Kulesza&Łukasz Pik, the latest models were presented by a luminous Magdalena Chachlica.

A breath of fresh air

This spring will definitely be accompanied by intense, mesmerising colours. It will be bold, creative and inspiring! This is why the BIZUU WOMAN: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, FEMININITY collection does not lack vivid shades of rose - beginning with fuchsia, through strawberry colours, and finishing with hip and fresh Barbie-style shades. There are also orange red and heavenly blue shades. All of this is broken up with extremely subtle, fresh colours - pale rose, sky blue, greys, but also deep black and clean white.

In all this, denim found its own place - timeless and iconic, without which we can’t imagine spring. The classic wide-leg jeans - trousers AROAHA, or a denim jacket in our own style KULLA with a beautiful, floral embroidery on the back are just a must in your closet! Denim is, after all, the essence of a stylish spring!

Spring? Print it now!

We wouldn't be ourselves if spring-summer collection lacked flowers. And so there they are in a variety of forms. From the small ones to the big and expressive ones, from thick ones to subtle ones. All according to unique, original designs.

Those who don’t feel comfortable with such a big dose of romanticism we have some more versatile suggestions. Checker in many forms has been among the top trends for a good few years now, and it doesn’t seem to change any time soon. Universal, small checker print in warm beiges and browns will be perfect for many occasions - not only special, but also business and everyday events. Match a short buttoned-skirt Cama with a beautiful feminine blazer with puffs Olivia, or mix it with plain fabrics or other prints creating a clash print.

Checker that stands out? Why not! Pick its remarkable release - with a sweet shade of rose. You will find a perfect one in our short coat NIKA. Speaking of standing out - nothing will ever replace branding. Our original designs with the letter „B” not only draw attention, but they are also in a class of their own, and are perfect for every occasion!

Cuts and embellishments

There is always a lot going on in BIZUU. Our latest projects reflect that perfectly. Numerous puffs, ties, draping, collars, cut-outs, frills, ribbings, laces, glamorous buttons and belts. Numerous possibilities open up even more styling options and adds a feisty touch to outfits. Put on a DICTI blazer in a slightly faded strawberry shade with fancy puffs, a collar and tying at the waist, and you are sure to impress.

We are sensing gorgeous accessories!

Accessories serve an important purpose - they either tie or spice up your outfit. But you can have both! A checked bucket hat, belts with a striking buckle or fresh, black, leather loafers with golden embellishments. We must remember that the weather often surprises us in spring, so it’s also worth stocking up on warm socks or scarfs protecting from the wind. Match it with an original bag and you’re ready for the new season!