NEW BEGINNINGS, the second release of the BIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23 collection: SEPTEMBER

NEW BEGINNINGS, the second release of the BIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23 collection: SEPTEMBER

Autumn is an ideal time to wrap yourself up in warm colours, hot prints and divinely soft fabrics. It’s the best moment to choose pieces from the second release of the autumn/winter BIZUU NEW BEGINNINGS collection.

Constant discovering of inspiration, looking for unique solutions and creating something special guide our designers, Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan, through each collection. New beginnings is at the same time a reset and a breath of fresh air combined with all that we love most in BIZUU designs. It’s just like going back to our childhood home after many years of absence and discovering it all over again after renovation. BIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23 collection: SEPTEMBER. is a breath of what #Bizuugirls know and love.

How do we create the best fashion memories? In the idyllic atmosphere at the Rozlewisko Kuligów in the... black&white style! The duet Kulesza&Pik, stylist Karla Gruszecka and model Jo Kruk are responsible for the unforgettable results of the BIZUU NEW BEGINNINGS photoshoot.

Not only black&white

When you think of autumn, what colours do you see? Yes, we too! Warm, welcoming and dreamy. This is how we can briefly describe the colour scheme of the second release of our autumn/winter collection. Apart from extremely pleasant to the eye shades of beige and brown, we also have deep shades of red - from the juicy to wine shades, a calm navy blue and greys, bright and at the same time muted pinks. There is no lack of contrasts – the strongest ones of black and white, but also the uncommon and bold compositions in the BIZUU style.

For chequered weather

But definitely not just in one version – we’ve got a couple of variations, starting with the classic, the extra fine and finishing with one of the most fashionable patterns in the last seasons, which is combined with the bouclé fabric. The autumn belongs to much more than the checked pattern! Of course, we couldn’t miss the floral, original motifs, which are difficult to pass by indifferently. Starting with the delicate and muted ones, through the wonderful and often exciting contrasts. Add a touch of denim, a bit of sweater weaves and, of course, plain pieces.

Womanhood rediscovered

Starting with dresses and skirts, through lace variations and fitted fabrics, finishing with gathers and puffs on blouses and cape cardigans. But we are not sick of the variety of options as clothes work perfectly with one another and make unique outfits. There is a plenty of frills, asymmetric shapes and pleats, fancy collars, turtlenecks and embellishments. There is also no shortage of oversized or fitted pieces. There is a lot of knitwear and sweaters in many variants as autumn is rarely favourable to us. From the adored models in new versions, through the iconic cardigans, to the next pieces that will surely attract the attention of not only #Bizuugirls. Add blazers, perfect for casual outfits and to the office. Don’t forget a warm jacket with fleece or headwear that protects from the cold - in a classic and a warm bucket hat version. When it comes to shoes, we choose only the ones that are comfortable and, necessarily, on a thick sole. When it comes to accessories, we go for printed ones with interesting solutions or the plushy ones. This autumn is sure to be warm and cosy!

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