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There’s no such thing as perfect balance in life, but it’s definitely something to strive for. Balance, peace, fulfilment - a dream of many of us. How to achieve it? We can help you with that with our new BIZUU BALANCE YOUR LIFE collection.

Where to draw strength from every day? It’s definitely worthwhile to take care of a proper diet and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Above all, it's worth allowing yourself a breather, your own break from work and time to do something just for yourself. Can working out be the moment? Of course it can! It’s important to find a discipline that is not unpleasant, but becomes our passion and the path to perfect balance. We hope you find it with our new sports collection - BIZUU BALANCE YOUR LIFE.

BIZUU BALANCE YOUR LIFE collection came to life out of passion

Not only a passion for beautiful, romantic cuts, striking prints and the most interesting solutions. But also a passion for sports - every sport that gives us joy and lets us take a breath. Evening yoga? Why not! Or maybe a morning jog whatever the weather? No matter what you choose - you can find everything you need to feel good in the BIZUU BALANCE YOUR LIFE collection.

Though-out, feminine and extremely comfortable sports BIZUU line is not only muted colours. We’ve got both proven blacks and your favourite pinks - ranging from pastel, through muted, to vivid and raspberry ones. We couldn’t miss the striking prints for those of you who value expressiveness. Apart from pleasant and trendy colours, we also have extraordinary cuts, surprising solutions, interesting lacing and cut-outs. But above all, it's the perfectly fitting and comfortable clothes that make you want to work out! And there's a whole range of solutions - both fitted options and slightly looser ones, long and short sleeves, ankle-length, mid-thigh and shorter trousers, superhot crop tops and classic waist-length ones. There are so many of them!

Just as you feel comfortable!

No matter how you mix the BIZUU BALANCE YOUR LIFE collection pieces - you always get a coherent and interesting whole. Combine, mix and above all use them as you need! You can find ultra-comfortable and extremely versatile Julia leggings in three different colours - classic black, beautiful maroon and a bit bolder printed version in pink. Something shorter? Dark pink, fitted knee-length Shara shorts or short black or fuchsia Noomi - work well not only for cycling or pilates, but also for many sporty everyday outfits. 

Sporty comfort always on the top!

Stretching, gym or modern dance? Fitted blouses in many forms come in handy! Crop tops are still on trend - we suggest the Ana model with long sleeves, an interesting slit on the back and a striking logo-stripe in light pink or black. The classic waist length? Go for Irene with a striking slit at the neckline in dark, dirty pink. For the more daring, we’ve got a sexy version with a stronger bust and back slit and a cropped length in deep black – our Kelly blouse. For those who would like more basic options, we have tops in pinks – plain, patterned and cropped ones, as well as proven bodysuits – in black and our favourite pink.

You could also use a bit of ease! Jogging or strength training, volleyball or table tennis – choose proven and high-quality t-shirts. We offer Royka in intense, vivid pink and Isabela in off-white and with a delicate chest applique. Grey tracksuit set is a must-have not only for workouts, but also for blissful lazing around at home. Perfectly matched duo - Stellicia sweatshirt and Raspy loose trousers are sure to find their place in more than one wardrobe. For your comfort and warmth, check out our Sattva openwork cover up in three beautiful colours - raspberry, cream and light pink. Complete your BIZUU BALANCE YOUR LIFE outfits with a hair elastic in animal, pink pattern. Find your passion and bring balance to your life so you can get the best out of it!