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BIZUU BALANCE sports collection – for body and soul

BIZUU BALANCE sports collection – for body and soul

Taking care of yourself nowadays means striving for balance in your life. Focusing not only on comfort and quality, but also respect for our body and soul. With this in mind, we created our BIZUU BALANCE sports collection of clothes and accessories.

Life is all about balance

It's easy to forget our needs. We are increasingly starting to focus more on ourselves, so that we can draw strength from every aspect of life. The BIZUU BALANCE collection is the perfect answer to the requirements of the modern woman.
We shot the photo session on a quiet, remote beach in the Mexican city of Tulum. This paradise-like environment became the perfect setting for our photographer, Michelle Van Dijk, who together with the model, Pilar Tarche, created an idyllic image that boosts positive energy – the quintessence of relaxation.

The BIZUU BALANCE sports collection is a tribute to comfort

We focused on items that are perfect for any kind of activity, especially the most relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation. The ambassador for the line is Eli Wierkowska, who for many years has been paying attention to mindfulness while working with the body, breathing, concentration, and general well-being. The collection is accompanied by the project Path of Balance, dedicated to different aspects of balance and effective methods of regeneration in a fast-paced reality – as many as 5 videobooks can be watched on the YouTube channel @bizuufashion.

Capsular and universal

The BIZUU BALANCE line is not only about carefully selected items of clothing that ensure comfort during relaxation and physical activity. It is also a selection of cuts that allows you to wear them on a daily basis, with casual urban outfits. Within the collection itself, it is extremely easy to combine elements into any set, fitting any body shape. So we have the right variety here. From elastic SWAN bodysuits, tops and leggings of various lengths, through the AGAMA holiday kimono with its wide, fringed sleeves, to warm tracksuits or a long mohair jumper made of certified thick-weave yarn.
It is impossible to separate peace of mind from matters important to the planet. Therefore our priority was to ensure sustainable development and the use of ecological fabrics. So we focused on organic cotton, recycled polyester or extremely breathable hemp knitwear.
The whole is complemented by accessories. A comfortable, cotton bag and sports bands perfectly complement the casual outfit. The collection also includes a set perfect for meditation – sage and palo santo with a ceramic stand hand-made by Paititi Holistic Store.