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BIZUU Après-Midi Summer – The floral prints collection is back in style this summer!

BIZUU Après-Midi Summer – The floral prints collection is back in style this summer!

Feel the summer vibe, covered in floral prints not only on flowy dresses! Discover our new collection Après-Midi Summer.

There is no spring or summer without floral prints on clothes. Floral patterns, apart from being beautiful and timeless, are an integral part of every spring-summer season. They never go out of fashion.

Floral motifs have often inspired painters to create masterpieces. This time they were also the sourceof inspiration for our designers – Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan – to create a new collection. BIZUU Après-Midi Summer. The photo shoot was taken under the supervision of photographer Linda Wit, in the beautiful scenery of hot and sunny Ibiza.

Returns of classic trends

In our latest collection Après-Midi Summer you can rediscover classic and already well-known trends. The return of classics in a refreshed version always works for fashion trends. Floral prints and pastel colours are also on trend. However, the whole collection is set to delight and surprise with a ‘new’ original design.

Marshmallow pink a hit of this season

The colour that is a hit of this season is not only stylish and girly, but also very feminine. Accompanied by a minimalist cut, it gets a whole new appearance. Marshmallow pink, Pastel pink – because that’s what we’re talking about – is not just sweet. Thanks to its subtle shade, it perfectly emphasises the assets of various types of beauty.

Our collection would not be complete without dresses, shirts and cardigans in this shade. Combine it with other pastel colours, white or grey for a summery vibe and the whole look gains a special charm. Lovers of romance will also find their favourites!