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BE A #BIZUUGIRL and fall in love with prints

BE A #BIZUUGIRL and fall in love with prints

A #BIZUUGIRL is a creative girl who is not afraid to experiment with fashion and unusual solutions. Always trendy, always well dressed, focusing on quality and comfort. It is with her in mind that the capsule collection bursting with original prints and motifs in the BIZUU style was created.

#Be Fabulous, BE A #BIZUUGIRL

Our BIZUU logo and the characteristic 'BB' print are not just patterns, but symbols of belonging to the #BIZUUGirls community. A community of women who love fashion, who like to play with it and create non-obvious outfits. The BE A #BIZZUGIRL collection consists of well-known and popular designs in a new, refreshed version. Everything that a girl could want.

The character of the collection is perfectly reflected in Dominika Jarczyńska's photo shoot in which Gabi, a model from the UNCOVER agency, appeared on pastel backgrounds, marked with our symbol. That's what our clothes are – stylish and eye-catching.

Be Open Minded, BE A #BIZUUGIRL

We opted for universal modularity - no matter where your creativity takes you, everything from the collection will always look good together. What's more, the clothes will enhance many casual outfits throughout the year.

The original 'BB' prints have adorned the fitted jumpers in three colours: the characteristic powder pink, pale blue and light beige. There is no denying that we love pink as much as we love prints, which is why one of the oversized sweatshirts is also available in this colour, decorated with logos, while the other, a little more conservative, is available in classic black with an embroidered pink 'BB' on the chest and sleeves. They are the perfect match for black sports leggings with a logo stripe on the sides.

Speaking of comfort, the collection could not lack warm, soft jumpers. BIZUU jumpers are also available with BIZUU lettering that can be unbuttoned like a cardigan, in either pink or caramel pink, as well as a classic V-neck in pistachio and subtle pink. The icing on the cake are the three iconic t-shirts in black, white and pink with a golden 'BIZUU GIRL’ inscription.

The BE A #BIZUU GIRL line is of course accompanied by accessories. Super-fashionable, wide hair bands with the 'BB' logo and masks in three colour variants, which together with other items from the collection are sure to create a perfect and glamorous total look.