Autumn collection APRÈS-MIDI 2021:FALL IN LOVE

Autumn collection APRÈS-MIDI 2021:FALL IN LOVE

Autumn in BIZUU is all about energy, hence the collection APRÈS-MIDI FALL IN LOVE is full of expression and colours.
No one said that autumn means faded, light colours and neutral designs. In BIZUU every season is special and deserves to be treated equally, therefore also in this season, despite everything, we decided to go for spectacular propositions. Autumn collection designed by BIZUU duet Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan is full of electric colours, authorial prints and timeless check patterns.
The scenery of our autumn story about the power of colours is Ibiza. Between marvelous streets photographer Mario Alzatee captured our hot outfits presented by hot Brazilian model Sofia Resing.

BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI FALL IN LOVE is the essence of urban chic.

Autumn in BIZUU is courageous and feminine, full of contrasts, vivid colours, interesting combinations and possibilities. The BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI FALL collection does not lack playful abstractions inspired by autumn and nature. Colour palette consists of not only neutral, traditional beiges and greys, but also you can find electric red or pink. Even our trademark pink can be found paired in many unconventional sets. Besides the iconic logo BIZUU we have authorial prints and timeless checks, which are in fashion from many seasons.
This is another of our collections, where her capsule character and universality enable you to mix and match clothing from this as well as from other lines. It is easy to create unique and always good looking outfits in modern editions.
To highlight the uniqueness of each and every one of our collection, it is worth mentioning that all garments were sewn from the highest quality fabrics from reliable and transparent distributors. And it is the same this time. The collection was mostly made of cotton, organic cotton, viscose and wool as well as polyester (also the recycled one). For special attention deserves pink hoodie Trini, which is the mix of organic cotton and Ocean Plastic type poly acrylic- the one coming from ocean waste.

Femininity in autumn colours

Cold outside will not stop us from wearing dresses. In FALL IN LOVE you can find, as always in BIZUU, ultra original and feminie silhouettes. Dress Marisa is a perfect base not only for sunny days. Her vivid floral print, fashionable frills and knee-length make her look good in every combination- in elegant editions as well as in more casual ones. Next to flower patterns, check and cute variations about panther print come to the game. The rest of the dresses are in comfortable mini length usually paired with shorter sleeves with numerous decorations and drapery that add them more expressive character.
This time skirts are in check and in two girly lengths- midi and mini, with decorative frills and asymmetric finishing. For those who prefer trousers we have jeans that will steal your heart. Model Gail is an extremely comfortable balloon cut with BIZUU print on the leg.
We didn’t forget about blouses and t-shirts. Despite the fact that they don’t play the leading role in this collection, it is worth having them in your wardrobe. They will become a perfect basis for numerous outfit variants. We have two cute t-shirts- one with a BIZUU logo in heart shape and the second in ultra trendy tie-dye. In every wardrobe, not only in #BIZUUGIRL, there should be a classic black turtleneck. Its spectacular cut on the back will make it a perfect companion for casual and going out outfits.
It is not known from today that a good duet is a collaborative duet, but is there anything better than a matching duet? Jumper Aston in grafit colour with specious hood and spectacular print with our new logo version on bust will perfectly go with tracksuit trousers Sammy, made of the same fabric and with matching decorations. Our second set consists of sweater-like jumper Furrami in pink with floral print and identically finished trousers Peggie with pockets and narrowing next to the ankle.

Fashion is not scared of cold

We wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t include sweaters in our propositions. This time it is a sweater Astrid in two colour editions - beige-pink and red-pink. Both with hearts and BIZUU logo, in comfortable shape and with a deep v-shape neckline as well as decorative buttons. Next to them we have a more subtle option- black oversize sweater Willo, also with v-shape neckline and with amazing fluffy knit, which is additionally decorated with authorial BIZUU logo patches.
The cherry on top of every outfit is the outside cover. Coat Wildy in iconic check, strong colours, with authorial patch BIZUU on the back and below the knee length will be a perfect addition to rock style, romantic or more casual outfit. For shorter jacket fans we have a brown jacket Hygie in hip length. It has a spectacular collar and is made of soft and nice in touch fabric that resembles a sheepskin coat. Authorial patches on the back and logo lining add her charisma.
BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI FALL would not be complete without accessories. Thick, fluffy hats with logo BIZUU GIRL you can find in sets with long, wide scarves in four autumn colours. Cute handmade hairband with floral print would be a perfect fulfillment to the dress Eve from BIZUU FALL IN LOVE collection, but also to every other romantic outfit. Also, socks can be spectacular. That is why this autumn we wear those colourful, printed, with logos and for sure the warm ones! For that we have a perfect duet: beige-orange with BIZUU logo and in vivid pink with black and orange elements, in panther print.

The collection was designed in partnership with brand TOUS.

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