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MODERN ELEGANCE – third edition of the collectionBIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23: NOVEMBER

MODERN ELEGANCE – third edition of the collectionBIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23: NOVEMBER

Colder days herald one thing – winter is around the corner! Is it possible to prepare well for it? It is, and you can do it in an elegant style with the new, third edition of the autumn/winter collection BIZUU MODERN ELEGANCE.

Regardless of the season, our style remains the same – highly atmospheric, feminine and elegant. Once again, designer duo Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan offer us a delicious fashion feast in the form of a new collection. AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23: NOVEMBER. Ready for a fresh dose of prints, unique cuts and stunning designs?

The new proposals from BIZUU, means the collection MODERN ELEGANCE was captured in a unique photo shoot. There were photos created that will maintain the atmosphere of this collection for a very long time, all thanks to the sensual scenery created in the Kuligów Floodplain by Michał Zomer, model Jo Kruk, the unique styling by Karla Gruszecka and, of course, the reliable photo team Kulesza&Pik.

The depth of colour

The closer we get, the more vibrant our wardrobe becomes. More striking colours and even bolder combinations appear. Therefore, in the third collection for autumn/winter BIZUU not only the classics like black, white and their mixes are to be found, but also more daring colours. Red is therefore permanently making itself at home in our collection – from this fiery red to its dignified wine variant. Steel grey, deep greens, as well as soft beiges and medium browns also appear. However, we are not forgetting pink – pink in every conceivable form, but especially in that vivid, most beautiful version.

A storm of textures and prints is ahead of us

Romantic, original patterns and iconic prints make themselves at home MODERN ELEGANCE in unique proposals that are just impossible to ignore. We have more than just floral patterns, full of charm and femininity in various combinations – from delicate and small to larger and full-blown designs. The collection is also full of other highlights. The check becomes less autumnal and warm, instead it is cooler and more elegant. We also have a choice of lace, which always looks great. Interesting weaves and open-work are also not going anywhere. Instead, metallised, more festive materials are appearing, which only emphasise the uniqueness of the creation even more strongly.

The collection BIZUU MODERN ELEGANCE is a new take on style

Modern, full of swirls, eye-catching yet feminine and elegant. Such a combination must have created something special. And so is the new edition of this collection. It is full of bold cuts and pleats, but all accompanied by frills, puff sleeves and creases that are well-known and loved by #BIZZUgirls. As always, there are plenty of dresses in every imaginable style, perfect for any occasion. But there's also plenty of warmth – jumpers and knitwear, which, after all, probably none of us can imagine winter without. And to top it all off – the accessories! Not only those that will come in handy on cold days, but also those that will be an indispensable part of our day-to-day work outfit or a slightly more festive one. The third edition of the collection BIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER can do it all!