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BIZUU and adidas unveil official collections for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

BIZUU and adidas unveil official collections for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

Three months before the official opening of the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad Paris 2024, the Polish Olympic Committee invited to the official premiere of the Olympic collections and presented unique outfits designed by the brands invited to cooperate. For the first time, BIZUU and adidas are responsible for the designs for Polish Olympians, as well as Paralympians.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the red and white team's participation in the Games, the Polish Olympic Committee also unveiled a new logo for the national team - Team PL, and to honor Polish athletes, descendants of the first Polish Olympic medalists were also invited to the event. The ceremony was topped off with a show that combined the worlds of fashion and sports.

The official Olympic outfits were designed by BIZUU and global sports giant adidas. Both brands, known for breaking conventions, bring a fresh approach to design. The collaboration with the Polish Olympic Committee is an honor, as well as an expression of pride in our achievements both in the field of sports and in the world of fashion.

With the Olympic collection, BIZUU represents the national history and culture, style, and traditions of Polish designers on the international sports scene. It is not only a privilege, but also an opportunity to highlight Polish heritage and achievements in the fashion world, which in the presented collection are combined with the achievements of Polish athletes in the Olympic arenas. Inspiration for the collection was drawn from pre-war fashion and that of the post-war era. Style and DNA, for which our brand is known, distinguish the presented collection and give the designs a unique character. Specially for the occasion, Blanka Jordan and Zuzanna Wachowiak, together with the BIZUU graphics team, designed the print appearing throughout the collection. The composition consists of such plants as rye, blackberry, coltsfoot and rowan, and is enriched with flowers: field poppy, cornflower, cornflower, cornflower, daisy and poppy, and among this wealth of Polish flora there is also a sparrow. The background is formed by rosettes of lace, referring to the heritage of handicrafts and paying homage to the famous koniakow lace. This inspiration also manifests itself in the creative technique used, as each element of the print was hand-drawn by our graphic designers.

Polish athletes competing in the Olympic arenas in the French capital will be wearing adidas designs. adidas, responsible for the sports creations of the Polish Olympians and Paralympians, including the outfits on the podium, approached the designs with iconic simplicity. The proposed minimalism emphasizes the athletes' confidence and silhouettes, offering them modern style and maximum comfort. Simplicity allowed adidas designers to focus primarily on construction and fit.

The sportswear also features a dynamic new font, inspired by the flame of sports passion. The fire motif unites people, bringing generations together. The role of the adidas brand, as responsible for the Polish national team's clothing, is to sustain the inner fire of Polish athletes. With every step, every gesture and every movement, the flame placed on the outfits will move with the movement of the body.

BIZUU and adidas are joining the Polish Olympic Family with designs that will draw the attention of not only athletes and sports enthusiasts, but also fashion lovers.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics in Paris on July 26!

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