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Along with the launch of the third edition of the BIZUU AUTUMN/WINTER 2021/2022 collection, we organised the autumn BIZUU COFFEE TRUCK. One hazy afternoon, we had a sweet, atmospheric and lovely time with our #BIZUUGIRLS!

The autumn BIZUU COFFEE TRUCK is another event of this type. The previous edition, BIZUU FLOWER TRUCK, was the perfect end to the summer. Once again in an extremely romantic setting, in the beautiful garden of the NA LATO restaurant in Warsaw, we met one autumn afternoon with our #BIZUUGIRLS over sweets and surprises. We brought our stylish, vintage car full of goods that was decorated with pink gypsophila, dried ears and grasses and of course autumn leaves.

BIZUU COFFEE TRUCK – a warm welcome to cooler days

When autumn doesn’t spoil us and winter is slowly lurking around the corner, we all need a bit of warmth. During the BIZUU COFFEE TRUCK event, there was plenty of hot coffee and an equally warming atmosphere! And everybody knows that the best addition to coffee is not only sweets, but also good company. So, the #BIZUUGIRLS visiting us could not only enjoy warm drinks, delicious cupcakes and DUPLO sweets, but above all meet and talk. But it wasn’t the end of pleasant things. The first 50 people who visited us received a ticket that they could use to pick up a special gift in our store in Warsaw on Koszykowa 24. And it wasn’t just any gift, but a unique BIZUU & DUPLO cup decorated with our jubilee print.


We put our heart and soul into fashion as much as into building warm relationships with our #BIZUUGIRLS. BIZUU COFFEE TRUCK was an ideal addition to the launch of the third edition of our autumn/winter collection. BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL is an extremely feminine, romantic and wonderfully warm line that perfectly prepared us for the arrival of colder days. As the last of the three editions, right after FOLLOW YOUR HEART and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, and also crowned with a stylish event, it was a kind of farewell to autumn in favour of the inevitably approaching winter. And of course we will welcome it warmly and... in style!

Celebration in good company

BIZUU COFFEE TRUCK wouldn’t have been so special without our #BIZUUGIRLS. Our special guest was Lara Gessler, restaurateur, influencer and fashion icon. She looked gorgeous dressed in a design by Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan from the FOLLOW YOUR SOUL collection. Lara wore the cream Kuaka coat and a floral duet in the form of the Anaice skirt and Clodet shirt. Coverage of this event is available in story highlights on our Instagram account!