The second edition of the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS fall/winter collection

The second edition of the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS fall/winter collection

The continuation of the BIZUU story in the 2021/2022 fall-winter season gives an incredibly romantic and feminine fashion perspective on fall. The second edition of BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS takes us into a warm and golden fall.
These most beautiful fall days of golden sunlight, cold winds and romance are the perfect time to wrap ourselves up in warm knitwear and soft colours, combined with more vibrant and dreamy patterns. This is the second edition of the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS line, designed by our unbeatable duo of designers – Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan – encourages us to follow our dreams.
The scene that highlights the nature of the collection and perfectly illustrates its purpose is nature. Against a background of calm meadows, the latest designs were presented by Maja Salamon and Bree Naumowicz from D’Vision agency. The photos were by Karolina Wilczyńska. The entire collection was completed using jewellery designed by our partner – TOUS.

The second edition of the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS fall/winter collection

A BIZUU woman follows her dreams, maintaining her confidence and sense of self-awareness. She is not afraid of bold fashion choices and she knows how to express her personality through her clothes. In the fall she wears warm and subtle colours – shades of brown and grey, as well as colours which highlight femininity, light shades of pink and bold red. Now that fall is here, we could not miss legendary checks and timeless denim. Everything is completed with typical BIZUU prints – embroidered logos as well as those on medallions or buttons, plus unique floral patterns.
Our designs are lighter and more feminine thanks to typical BIZUU ethereal decorations, frills, ruffles, puffs or pleats. In line with the global trends, we could not miss the hottest faded effects, tie-dye, and badges. And all this is available in incredibly comfortable and totally feminine designs. Also the fabrics we used are worth mentioning. Organic cotton, viscose and vegan leather are not only comfortable but good for the environment. For many seasons we have been reducing the use of regular polyester, replacing it with recycled polyester, with our fabric always coming from reliable suppliers. For the fall designs we can also find mohair or merino wool, like the one in a super trendy tweed version.

Layers that create a dreamy look

As days get colder, we have to wear more and more layers. It is fortunate we can wear romantic dresses underneath, which our collection features in some number. Mini, midi, maxi, tight and loose, decorated with unique patterns or all black, with decorative openwork, embroidery, cotton and knitted, and even in a hot leather (vegan) version. Skirts are similarly available in various forms, and the floral designs include an elegant tweed red mini skirt combined with a matching jacket.
A fitting bodysuit is definitely a good basis. This time, it is available in many plain, matching versions, with long or short sleeves, different necklines and decorative cuffs. There is also one with an incredibly floral, beige and grey version, perfect for any type. The bodysuit can be replaced with one of our comfortable t-shirts, plain or with a unique breast pattern.
Inevitable chilly days are reflected in the increased number of long leg trousers in the collection. And there are so many of them. Both the hottest jeans, with their impressive faded or eye-catching tie-dye effects, and the cosy warm “sweater-like” version.
While we return to the office, we do not have to give up on stylish outfits. The flowery shirt suggestions in the BIZUU FOLLOW US: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS collection includes extraordinary designs, decorated with puffs, eye-catching collars and ruffles. There is also a universal denim version. To complete an official look we suggest jackets, the tweed one mentioned earlier or a checked one with puffed sleeves and decorative embroidery on the back.

Fall comfort in full warmth

It is not difficult to achieve warmth and comfort when soft sweaters are in the game. Classics, and cardigans too. There are both those that feature the favourite #BIZUUGIRLS patterns, and plain ones with a thick weave and calm, warm colours. You can choose between a slightly longer, more fitting designs or more classic ones. There are also designs decorated with puffed and long sleeves, combined with a loose form and deep neckline. For those of you who prefer a more sporty look – we also have jumpers. A red with a handmade tie-dye effect, beautiful raffled puffs, or a toned-down grey with a faded effect, stitching and useful hoodie.
As fall approaches, with all its turbulent weather, it is the perfect time to combine your dress with proper outerwear. Start with a short denim jacket, in a toned-down shade with eye-catching floral embroidery on the back, lined with light shearling and perfect for any look. We could not miss adding warm coats from our designs. Classic cut and plain, light colours – a delicate warm pink, beige and cream colour combined with material that imitates shearling or checked designs – in similarly fall colours. We should also mention the dark grey design with a fresh, floral embroidery on the back. There are also less formal oversize outfits with an embroidered badge and buttons with logo, with a beige and brown checked pattern.
What’s more, there is something for enthusiasts of perfectly matching outfits – accessories. Headbands and hair scarves have been the trend for some time now, with unique prints, or bigger more spectacular scrunchies. A checked baseball cap or a similar hat, or a plain one, in fall colours, should be an item in every it-girl’s wardrobe! It is definitely worth getting some even warmer outfits – wool hats and headbands, as well as long scarves available in four colours. When it comes to shoes, we have comfortable, cross-tied and, most importantly, all-matching boots in two leather versions - plain and “crocodile”. Match them with warm BIZUU socks with our logo.

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