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The first part of BIZUU collection AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23: AUGUST. HERE AND NOW.

The first part of BIZUU collection AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23: AUGUST. HERE AND NOW.

Deep colours, rich prints and unique ultrafeminine cuts. In this way we are beginning the August chapter of this autumn/winter story from BIZUU. There is something to which BIZUU designers – Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan have got us used. These are designs full of passion, creativity and femininity, which you cannot just pass indifferently. We are experiencing it also this time. This collection AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23 is another exceptional fashion interpretation of femininity, filled with the hottest trends and above all the right dose of romanticism.

The autumn/winter story BIZUU begins idyllically. Just as our photo session that was created at the Kuligów Floodplain. Our latest models were photographed just in these green and carefree surroundings. It is all due to the duet Kulesza&Pik and outfits prepared by Karli Gruszeckiej and presented by the model Jo Kruk. Definitely the autumn promises to be beautiful!

Power of colours

BIZUU is also colours. In the autumn #BIZUUgirl will certainly not give up on them. Pastel pink shades become more intense and distinctive, blue shades are bolder, lined with stronger blues and / or combined with contrasting colours. There is also timeless black – the closer we are to the winter, the more space we have for it in our wardrobe. And of course white, chic beige and timeless denim.

Just print it!

Original prints from BIZUU are a class of their own. Unique, eye-catching and above all extremely feminine. At the forefront the floral ones – i.e. the prints which we love most. Starting from delicate and small motifs, through more contrasting and stronger in their expression. There was also of course another variation about ‘B’ – this time in a spectacular pink and plum version. And what else? Checked pattern. Timeless, classic and versatile. In a delicate, tweed or fancy version – it always delights us. This collection would not be complete without models with our logo – in the form of graphics, accents on buttons or patches.

Airy, feminine and comfortable designs!

What else makes the BIZUU collections unique? Rich, exceptional and extremely feminine cuts. The first part of the AUTUMN/WINTER 2022/23 collection is abundant in interesting proposals. From close-fitting outfits accentuating the figure to oversize ones. Decorated with ruffles, drapery, pleats, puffs and, of course, beautiful details. Definitely, you cannot get crazy here!

The devil is in the details

As always, we focus on the best fabrics directly from proven suppliers. They include ECOVERO, recycled polyester, viscose, micro-rayon, cotton and organic cotton. Autumn means lower and lower temperatures and that is why the collection has been prepared partly from warmer fabrics with the addition of sheep wool, merino wool, angora or mohair.

Once again the collection is complemented by accessories perfectly matched to the clothes, which can be safely combined with them, but also with models from our other lines. Absolutely this autumn will look exceptionally beautiful!