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The first installment of the latest Spring Summer 2024 collection!

The first installment of the latest Spring Summer 2024 collection!

We start the new year with a change. We have combined our two lines - Premium and Apres-Midi, all in order to create a coherent and wide-ranging collection that meets the different needs of our female customers. We want BIZUU designs to accompany you throughout the year. The first drop of the Spring Summer 2024 line is actually a foretaste of the entire collection and the main inspiration, which is the ORIENTAL JOURNEY of BIZUU. Stay tuned in the coming months and be surprised with each new release.


The first drop is an introduction to the oriental story, the journey we will take you on this year. The Orient Express, with its luxurious and glamorous atmosphere, may have inspired a collection that combines classic and vintage elements with modern touches. With the current designs, we wanted to redefine Orientalism, put it in a more modern form and give it a contemporary touch.

In the first drop you will find both classic models that will create casual styling and feminine prints in line with BIZUU bottoms. There will also be enveloping sweaters with interesting forms in juicy colors and prints.

Drop will also complement the classic models of blouses or turtlenecks that form the base of our closet.

In this drop, we tried to find a balance between vintage elegance and contemporary style, creating a collection that is attractive to enthusiasts of modern fashion.

All this so that each of our customers can find something for herself in all the drops - for every day and for the big night out!

Find BIZUU for You. Find BIZUU in You.