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The BIZUU Après-Midi Spring collection – a sentimental breath of fresh air.

The BIZUU Après-Midi Spring collection – a sentimental breath of fresh air.

Join us for a bit of a romantic idyll lined with happy memories and an inspiring dose of female fashion. Take a look at the new collection from BIZUU Après-Midi Spring.

Full of nostalgia and hope, we’re entering the next season with a bang. With the BIZUU Après-Midi Spring, we’re setting off on a remarkable journey into the past, into the careless and idyllic times.

This amazing, chilled and positive vibe, which surrounds the latest projects created by our designers – Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan, is the essence of this line. To highlight it even more, our photoshoot, supervised by a photographer Linda Witt, was done under the hot Ibiza sun. It couldn’t get any more beautiful!

A huge come back of the 1990s.

The days of youth, crazy and brave fashion, the first life dilemmas and the first steps towards establishing your own style. Incredible lightness and sweetness, extremely girlish patterns and colours or happy and casual combinations. This is the style that is coming back with a bang and starting to take over the current trends.

Our spring collection could not miss the biggest zests. Barbie core in a softened, slightly more “adult” version, original, floral prints which add a bit of freshness and romanticism to outfits, as well as delicate and toned-down colours which contrast perfectly with the visible logos and vivid patterns. That’s why BIZUU Après-Midi Spring reflects the spring spirit so perfectly.


Denim lives forever

Now more than ever. A big come-back of the trends from the 1990s resulted in an even bigger obsession with denim and full denim outfits in fashion. Apart from the returning outfits made solely of this fabric, denim accessories such as bands, bags or even shoes have emerged. A huge come-back of denim is also a full spectrum of possibilities for cuts, styles and the possibilities of creating new looks. Finally, we’ve got an unquestionable possibility of choosing denim clothing elements that we like and that fit us perfectly. And all this thanks to the fact that almost everything is trendy with denim!

With BIZUU Après-Midi Spring you can find different variations of denim. We’ve got mini skirts, raw-edged elements, washed fabric and even romantic frills. Options paired with different clothes – whether casual, elegant or the ones you wear for a date, look great and add a unique charm to an outfit.

Spring stays in shape

The subtle sweetness of the collection stems not only from colours and fabric, but also appropriate cuts. We could expect our designers to come up with a full palette of extremely feminine solutions, as for cuts and ornaments. Raw-edged elements on jackets, balloon sleeves in dresses or numerous bindings and gatherings that add flirtatiousness to clothes. Add to that playful solutions that change an elegant outfit into one that can be worn in various ways and on various occasions.

The girlish, happy, vivid, and eye-catching Après-Midi Spring collection is the essence of BIZUU, which connects the hottest trends and a unique and original nature that simply can’t be faked.