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New definition of elegance for summer from BIZUU - MER II collection now available

New definition of elegance for summer from BIZUU - MER II collection now available

The new installment of the MER collection continues the story started in the previous drop. It is the essence of summer, full of grace and elegance.

The new drop is a subtle play of colors, in which we find subdued earth tones - white, black, browns and beiges. The collection also does not lack orange, green or pink accents. The author's prints create sophisticated and unique compositions.

- We wanted to create a collection that is as diverse as the women who wear it, - points out Zuzanna Wachowiak, co-founder and designer of the brand. - MER II is a true hybrid of elegance and comfort, she adds.

All designs were created with the warm summer months in mind, which, thanks to selected materials, will give the body a moment of respite, even during the summer in the city. This time the focus is on raw materials such as cotton, linen and viscose, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely comfortable.

The drop featured not only classic cuts, but also bold novelties. As always, the offer is diverse - from elegant dresses to summer ensembles.

- We want our clothes to leave room for interpretation. Thus, they allow you to create individual combinations and create your own unique capsule closet, - says Blanka Jordan, co-founder and designer of BIZUU.

The MER II collection features very feminine dresses - both mini and maxi, as well as intriguing one-shoulder models. There are also new models of skirts and pants with a loose, fashionable cut, which will work both in everyday styling and for special occasions. Tops and shirts, available in various cuts and made of breathable fabrics, will be perfect for hot days. On the other hand, the real hit of the season are overalls - elegant, comfortable and eye-catching thanks to their unique cuts.

In MER II from BIZUU you can find complete sets, which can be freely combined with other elements of the collection. Let your imagination run wild and create your own unique combinations that will perfectly fit your individual style.