ME AS A WOMAN Collection: MY BRAVERY 2021

ME AS A WOMAN Collection: MY BRAVERY 2021

The last version of the unique spring/summer BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection: MY BRAVERY is dedicated to women’s courage. Bravery to pursue a goal, to simply be yourself, to be fulfilled and to express yourself freely, even through fashion.
To finish this extraordinary story of the BIZUU woman, it is impossible not to mention her courage. Women still face a lot of adversity in life. They struggle every day to be fully themselves. Despite everything, the BIZUU woman boldly pursues her goals, makes her dreams come true, is not afraid to defy patterns, and is aware of her strengths. She knows how to dress to express herself and show the world who she really is.

The spring/summer BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection – MY BRAVERY edition

The last part of the line by the designer duo of Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan is dominated by delicate pastel colours juxtaposed with contrasting and vivid colours. There are also completely new original prints, interesting cuts and unique combinations. All this in a subtle and feminine design.
The designs feature mainly cotton, including organic, light and breathable viscose, denim, natural leather, as well as recycled polyester, wool and angora.
Fashion model Ewa Witkowska also presented this part of the SPRING/SUMMER 2021 collection. The very mature, feminine and sensual effects of the photo shoot are also a result of the work of the photographer Łukasz Pukowiec and minimalist scenography by Michał Zomer, which accentuates the model.

Zoom in on denim

Everlasting denim leads the way among the proposed models this time. It was used in many styles. It can be found in a fitted, flattering midi dress with a fancy asymmetrical button-up, in a shirt and jacket with embroidered designs, and in blue and pink marble shorts tied around waist.

Feminine dresses and unusual sets

The huge selection of dresses in the ME AS A WOMAN collection is not a coincidence. After all, there is a reason they are so strongly associated with femininity, which is strongly emphasised throughout the collection. And there are plenty of diverse models in wonderful floral prints. There are also lots of subtle white and beige, light lace details, interesting asymmetrical trims and waist-enhancing ties. And to top it all off, there are many midi and mini styles to choose from!
The shirts are not only a minimalist and typically office option. This time, we opt for cascades of frills, lace, ties, gathers and interesting collars. Such a top makes a great combo with a more low-key bottom, or... an equally fancy option. We also remember the bestsellers! Popular bodysuits are back – both plain ones, of course in pastel colours, and slightly more elegant ones with decorative, buff sleeves or covered with one of the designer’s prints.
BIZUU clothes look great together, both in a mix with other collections and within a particular line. Also this time it is easy to choose the perfect bottom for your dream outfit. For spring and summer 2021, we offer pleated midi skirts, which have been a trend for many seasons, as well as skirts with multiple layers or asymmetrical skirts in floral patterns.
We have two new additions to our portfolio that are ideal for colder days – knitted waistcoats in a plain colour and sleeveless jackets in print. As always, we couldn’t forget about sweaters – of various lengths, styles and cuts of course. They are full of pastel colours, delicate patterns and everything we love the spring/summer season for. And, of course, there are pastel-coloured t-shirts – an integral part of many casual outfits.
To create a feminine BIZUU total look, black leather mules with fancy ties or a fresh assortment of other accessories, such as eye-catching collars, sashes and hair bands or scarves with original prints, will also come in handy.



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