Feminine BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN Collection: MY FEMINITY 2021

Feminine BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN Collection: MY FEMINITY 2021

The second version of the unique spring/summer BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection: MY FEMINITY is a continuation of the extraordinary fashion story of the BIZUU woman. This time, the theme is femininity itself.
Femininity has many faces and it is difficult to grasp and define it unequivocally. In the BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection, we try to show both its complexity and essence. So what does femininity look like in the eyes of BIZUU?
The answer to this question is the second part of the line – MY FEMINITY. It does not lack interesting patterns, even more interesting cuts, mixes and unusual combinations. The amazing BIZUU duo of Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan offers us a wonderfully light colour palette this time that is also full of contrasts. Alongside pastel colours we also have juicy shades from the spring colour palette.
A minimalist setting by Michał Zomer was used to represent the designers’ vision. On this delicate background, photographer Łukasz Pukowiec captured our looks and, of course, the gorgeous Ewa Witkowska, who excellently presented the feminine nature with its whole range of unique features.

Dresses at the heart of the BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection: MY FEMINITY

Nothing is so strongly associated with femininity in fashion as dresses. They had to be included in our spring/summer collection. We offer a wide range of models, of all lengths, in a variety of styles. Some are decorated with frills, interesting ties, others are asymmetrically finished or covered in floral motifs.
Blouses and shirt tops full of transparent lace, interesting collars, wide sleeves and ruffles ensure unconventional combinations. There are also fitted turtlenecks in three bold colours, and new short-sleeved and long-sleeved bodysuits, both in one colour and in a floral print. And to complement the interesting tops, there are even more interesting bottoms – pleated skirts, which are still on top, and miniskirts, full of girly charm, and extremely comfortable high-waisted jeans with a straight, wide leg and slightly pink shade.

Femininity in fashion has many names

The elegant effect is ensured by perfectly matched sets. A business set with a jacket and skirt in powder pink, or a beautiful floral set with a frilly miniskirt and a shirt. The star of the BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection is the linen suit in sandy beige, in a comfortable oversized fit.
The spring/summer line must include sweaters. From season to season, our pieces are getting more and more fancy. This time we offer cardigans with floral patterns in various lengths. And for slightly warmer spring days or cool summer evenings – short-sleeved models in houndstooth or floral prints. Our bestselling MOOREA patch denim jacket completes any casual outfit.
Trainers with the brand’s logo in white or powder pink, or a little more elegant – pink moccasins, with a tag with the “B” brand symbol, are the perfect complement to a woman’s outfit. And on top of that, we also have a new range of glamorous collars, hair sashes and hairbands in patterns from the second edition of the BIZUU ME AS A WOMAN collection. There’s also an amazing new addition – elegant woollen hats in classic black and powder pink.
BIZUU also relies on a wide range of materials: cotton, denim, wool and angora, vegan leather, recycled polyester and breathable viscose. Everything selected to best underline the unique pieces of the collection.

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