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BIZUU. WOMAN: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, FEMININITY – The first part of the collection Spring-Summer 2023

BIZUU. WOMAN: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, FEMININITY – The first part of the collection Spring-Summer 2023

New freshness, classic elegance and unique charm BIZUU. Sounds like a perfect mix? This is exactly what our collection is Spring-Summer 2023! Its first edition – quintessentially feminine chic, full of unexpected contrasts and bold solutions.

It's worth entering the new year with a fresh head and an even fresher wardrobe. After all, clothes are also a way to express yourself, emphasize your personality or even add self-confidence. The outfits are like superhero costumes, in which it is easier for us to face everyday difficulties and challenges. So make it classy and chic – in style BIZUU , of course, with the first edition of the spring/summer collection.

The latest models that the designers BIZUU Zuzanna Wachowiak i Blanka Jordan created definitely needed a modern yet well-balanced setting that would emphasise as much as possible their unique classic-feminine combination. In this role, once again the ever reliable Michał Zomer. Models from the first edition, stylized by Karlę Gruszecką were presented by model Magdalena Chachlica. Responsible for immortalising their work is the duo – Agnieszka Kulesza&Łukasz Pik.

Subdued contrast of the collection of BIZUU

The collection is full of contrasts and apparent contradictions, which in the combinations created by the BIZUU designers gain a new and unique dimension and character. The entire collection also appears to be a perfectly harmonised mix of contrasts. One of them are, of course, colours. On the one hand, it is soft, subtle, wrapping and extremely graceful. For the spring-summer 2023 season, we will be wrapping ourselves in colours of beige and cream, soft, warm browns, greys and timeless black. The calmness of this part of the line is counterbalanced by hot pinks, wine reds, electrifying cobalts and... neon green.

It's easy to give any outfit a boost and power – all it takes is a dash of luscious colour! Imagine any uniform base – classic, casual, elegant or sporty, juxtaposed with a beautiful strawberry pink in the form of our Palamos coat. This slightly oversize’owy model with a double-breasted placket, lined collar, with a slightly reduced shoulder line will go well with literally everything! For the less daring – we offer equally vibrant and eye-catching accessories such as headbands, rubber bands scrunchie, scarves or even socks.

We take the prints smoothly

"All or nothing" or "from one extreme to the other" – how many times have we heard that? But this is who we are, we women, seemingly only full of contradictions and disordered, but eventually – extremely intriguing and above all unique, true explosive mixtures! Style BIZUU is full of turbulence. Perfectly smooth fabrics are accompanied by all kinds of embellishments, lace, openwork, beautiful and unique original floral prints and logos. There is no shortage of these in our spring/summer collection either. So here we have the iconic floral prints, both in an 'over-the-top' version and a more romantic, petite and delicate one.

"Rose" lace in black, vintage-style cream, or structured or striped fabrics. In keeping with the latest trends, there is also no shortage of lovely tweed! Something that sets our designs apart is the unique logos in a number of variations. If you're not into such adorned clothes, the versatile Megistos bag in warm caramel beige with black handles in an ultra-comfortable shopper model is sure to appeal to you.

A great example of clash printu in the form of just one model is our iconic buttonless cardigan in a new version. The FUZZ jumper model, whose sleeves are decorated with flowers in pink and raspberry and the remaining area of the jumper is sprinkled with cream and pink swirls, together with warm beige inserts, on the surface looks coincidental, but its unique character gives it an unmistakable power.

Diversity in fashion is already must have

We do not know the word 'boredom', which is why our design models are full of extraordinary solutions. A multitude of embellishments prevail, from frills, creases, pleats or ruffles to asymmetrical cuts or playing with lengths. And all of this is juxtaposed so gracefully and femininely that the effect is mind-blowing, and the unique outfits create on their own! The little black dress is no longer just an ordinary and repetitive little black dress. Our take is the GUARDdress. Made from a comfortable, tencel black fabric. The shirt-like top with a tabbed collar adds an elegant, almost office-like character, while the long, slightly buffed-at-the-head sleeves with wide cuffs and decorative buttons elevate the less typical face of this model. In addition, the knee-length skirt with a ruffled, tied-up 'wrapper' at the front also makes the dress suitable for big outings.