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Are the hot days passing by in relaxed carefreeness? That is the perfect summer! And if you want some sweet holiday memories, then choose the most beautiful outfits from the BIZUU summer collection.


Summer dreaming, memories of wonderful trips and idyllic relaxation. In the dreamy scenery designed by Michał Zomer, Karyna Buracheuskaya presented an equally wonderful summer collection in a photo shoot by the incomparable Dominika Jarczyńska. The outfits were completed with jewellery provided by our partner – TOUS.

Colour, print and frills

The APRÈS-MIDI SUMMER collection is the essence of holiday relaxation – brim full of surprising patterns, romantic cuts and comfortable shapes. Of course there are also 'BIZUU-prints' and floral motifs. No summer is complete without intensely juicy and tasty colours. We have variations on the theme of pink – from pastel to one resembling a strawberry sorbet. There are also heavenly blues, and the soothing, calmer colours of nature. So with the help of such a collection, it is not difficult to create an unforgettable summer outfit.

The BIZUU summer collection is a tribute to femininity

In addition to airy, eye-catching dresses in various cuts, the APRÈS-MIDI SUMMER collection also includes short, denim shorts in three colour versions with frayed legs. A mini skirt with frills is also a great choice. Add fancy blouses: marked with a logo, semi-transparent to match the skirt, and with a shortened length – with a collar or a waist tie. An oversized blouse with buff sleeves or a universal bodysuit in white or pink with a black logo can counterbalance the crazy patterns.
The iconic kimono of light and airy fabric is back, finished with a boho tape in a tropical print, ideal for a summer outfit. Our bestselling CHIOS cardigan is also making a big comeback, this time in blue. For cooler evenings, we also have a classic, V-neck marked with a logo.
There is no shortage of comfortable t-shirts with original prints or floral compositions. The summer BIZUU collection is also dedicated to fitness girls. The sports models this time include as many as four hooded sweatshirts – in blue, velour in sorbet, in vintage pink, as well as in white and pink. Black cycling shorts with a belt marked with a logo on the side perfectly complements a sports version of a summer outfit.
The APRÈS-MIDI SUMMER collection is not only a response to global trends, but also a move towards ethical and responsible fashion. It therefore includes items made of recycled polyester, sustainable viscose and organic cotton.
Ultra feminine and extremely romantic summer outfits are no longer a problem. The individual items are very easy to combine to create newer and more interesting outfits. Have more fun with fashion!