The spring face of #bizuugirl is a charming fantasy on the theme of pastels, floral motifs, completely refreshing, striking prints and a great... comeback. The girlish nature of the BIZUU spring collection and its extraordinary design are eye-catching!
One look at our spring collection is enough to fall in love with these subtle pastel contrasts, light colours from nature and femininely floral patterns. But it is not just about the play of colours and prints, but also the casual and extremely comfortable cuts of the clothes. With them you can easily create many casual or formal outfits for spring and the rest of the year!
Is it eye-catching? Excellent! Xenia Belskaya took part in the Dominika Jarczyńska's photo shoot under the watchful eye of many people. Michał Zomer was responsible for this visionary setting. We must admit that it is impossible to take your eyes off the results!

Iconic cardigans are back

The APRÈS-MIDI SPRING line is all about comfort. After all, there should be no shortage of versatile tops when it comes to spring outfits. That's why our iconic CHIOS cardigan, loved by #bizzugirls, is back in a big way! There are as many as four in the spring version, marked with a logo with pastel variations on the theme of girlish pink, light blue, pistachio and tasty caramel. We cannot imagine the colder evenings without one. It is worth combining it with a romantic dress to add more original character to our spring look!

The BIZUU spring collection ... is a woman!

We do not wave goodbye to knitwear. The collection also includes classic versions of jumpers. We have universal jumpers, printed with the 'BB' symbol, and a charming version with the logo on the chest and graphic stars on the sleeves in our flagship colour.
We never forget about typically feminine cuts! That's why the APRÈS-MIDI SPRING line has no shortage of skirts and dresses in various lengths – whether with a small turtleneck, puffed shoulders or a decorative and super-fashionable frill. They are covered with crazy floral prints or our logotype. And the extremely girlish skirt is available in timeless denim. A blouse made from the same material, with stand-up collar, ribbed sleeves and a waist tie matches the skirt perfectly. We also offer comfortable long-sleeved bodysuits and must-have t-shirts. You can choose a t-shirt with an embroidered gold logo or a powder pink t-shirt with a floral accent logo. For cooler weather, to complement the spring outfit – a coat in the immortal chequered pattern with the original 'BIZUU GIRL ROCKS' embroidery on the back.
The APRÈS-MIDI SPRING 2021 collection has no lack of sports accents. Hooded sweatshirts – with a sequin logo or in powder pink, light grey tracksuit, and a perfect set: long sleeves and leggings in a vivid, floral pattern that beg to be worn together.
Anything else? Accessories of course! Our trusty baseball caps in two colours – black and powder pink – to add a touch of nonchalance to a seemingly romantic outfit.
The spring collection by BIZUU delights with its colours and its soft, girlish cuts and original prints, which cannot be ignored. The universal, modular character will ensure that not only fashionistas fall in love with this collection. They are sure to please our #bizuugirls!

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