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Autumn collection BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI 2022: AUTUMN IN MY heart

Autumn collection BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI 2022: AUTUMN IN MY heart

Autumn at BIZUU is all about energy, so there’s a reason why the APRÈS-MIDI AUTUMN IN MY HEART collection is full of expression and colour.No one said that autumn is only about subdued, light colours and calm patterns. At BIZUU, every season is special and deserves special treatment, which is why this season, against all odds, we have decided to go for striking proposals. The autumn collection by BIZUU designer duo Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanca Jordan is therefore full of energetic colours and original prints.

The setting for our autumn collection is New York. Among the New York streets, photographer Asia Typek captured our hot outfits, presented by Polish model Zosia Nowak.


BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI AUTUMN IN MY heart is the quintessence of New York casualness

Autumn at BIZUU is bold and feminine, full of contrasts, strong colours, interesting combinations and, above all, it’s full of possibilities. The BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI FALL collection is packed with wide variations on the theme of autumn colours inspired by nature. The palette includes not only traditional navy blues and greys, but also pink. Even our flagship shade of pink can be found in new, unobvious combinations. In addition to the iconic BIZUU logos, we also used original prints. This is another of our collections with its capsule nature and versatility making it easy to mix and match clothes with others from the line and beyond. So it’s easy to create original and great-looking, stylish combinations in a modern way.The unique character of each of our collections is also underlined by the fact that they have been sewn from the highest quality materials from reliable suppliers. And this time is no different. The collection has been created mainly from cotton, organic cotton, viscose and wool, as well as polyester, including recycled polyester.


Opt for autumn colours

Dresses? The AUTUMN In MY heart collection features, as always, extremely original and feminine models. Vibrant floral prints, fashionable frills and knee-lengths will make them look great in practically any combination - in both elegant and casual versions. Other dresses with a comfortable mini-length have numerous embellishments and creases, which only add to their effect.
We did not forget about blouses and t-shirts. Although it doesn’t play the main fiddle in this collection, it’s worth having in your wardrobe. After all, it’ll provide the perfect base for a variety of different outfits. Every wardrobe, not just that of a #BIZUUGIRL, should include our black fitted turtleneck.


Chilly? AUTUMN IN MY heart

We wouldn't be ourselves if jumpers didn't appear among our proposals. Next to them, we have a slightly calmer version – the black oversized Willo jumper, also with a V neckline, in a wonderfully fleshy weave, which has been additionally decorated with original BIZUU logo patches.
The outerwear is the icing on the cake of any outfit. The knee-length coat is the perfect addition to rock, casual and romantic outfits. For fans of shorter coats, we have a hip-length pink quilted jacket. BIZUU APRÈS-MIDI FALL wouldn’t be complete without accessories. A thick, fleshy cap with the BIZUU logo comes in several autumn colours. Cute handmade headbands will not only be a great complement to dresses, but also to any other romantic outfit. Socks can also be spectacular, so this autumn we’re wearing colourful, printed, logoed and, of course, warm ones! In addition, the collection also includes a baseball cap.

The TOUS brand is a partner of the collection.