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Bonjour FLORENCE is the story of our bestselling fur coat. Join us for an autumn walk along the cobblestone streets of Paris, among the townhouses that have witnessed more than one romantic story, and along a bridge that will lead you to another, just as magical and enchanted side of the city. The FLORENCE fur coat, which has previously visited New York and sunny Italy, this time premieres in the world's most romantic city. FLORENCE is the very essence of style, urban chic and timeless elegance, which will return this season in two colour versions – black and beige. The fur is the perfect complement to any look, and will work great in both sporty, casual and elegant stylings. All in all, perhaps it is worth having more than one fur in your wardrobe!

And which one is best for you? Make your choice, put it on and find your own urban style!

The FLORENCE fur coat is available now!

You are gorgeous… Florence!

Florence is a state of mind

Ooo, amazing french girl!

Call me Florence, baby!