Spring 2018

Spring is coming soon that is why we decided to brifely remind you trends for ss18- this spring/summer collections presented by top fashion houses. We are looking forward to the end of the winter and we can’t wait to change heavy winter coats and seaters to fluffy dresses! When it comes to top fashion trends we have good news! Pastel colours are back. Especially pastel pink that was in last season replaced by strong magenta pink. As you see fashion houses do not forget about sensitivity. This season pastel pink was presented by french fashion house Celine in very subtel shadows combined with pastel yellow. For Bizuu pink is not this seasone discovery and it is a must have in every collection, so be viligant because new garments will be soon in stock.

In opposite to pastels, in our new collection you will find more intensive colours. This season sharp paletts are taking over scandinavian minimalism. Fashion has it’s own rules and gives designers carte blanche not only when it comes to shape but also colurs. In polish fashion market Bizuu is one of the best examples of a brand that create courageous colour mixes.

Delicate fabrics and feminine frills. This year belonges to women- strong,confident, independent as well gentle and romantic. Fashion has huge influence on women movements and it has become a mean of manifest. Bizuu from the begining is created with the values of highlighting every woman’s beauty, gentle side as well as their power and independance. This thought was the core of launching the brand and still is followed in every collection.

Jungle motive, going back to roots , to natur eis also in the trend. Wildness of the nature is this season’s  Bizuu prints main inspiration but not only… Motive of palm leaf has been shown by Elie Saab on gentle and feminine dresses during his runway show.