The hottest trend of this season is naturalness and purity

As every season we are watching what is happening in global fashion, during all the most important events of the year- fashion weeks. We are spying what’s on the top,what all the fashionistas will be wearing next seasone. We are looking for inspirations and we compare top designers’ visions to our own- BIZUU fashion point of view. Counting cold days in Ferbuary,wearing our Bizuu sweaters,and drinking gazillions of coffee finally New York Fashion Week starts! 4 fashion shows, which remind us that everyone is different and this is what makes world a more interesting place.

  1. Chromat

Conventional, steoretypical canon of beauty is going awyay (for now).BIZUU always says that fashion is for everyone and there are no limits. The same values represents Becca McCharen-Tran, who combines in her work fashion,architecture and technology.

  1. Echhaus Latta

Named by american edition of Vogue on of the most relevant American fashion brand, Echhaus Latta is someone to look up to. The newest collection can be described by the word- „naturalness”. Mix of neutral and contrast colours, simple but well considered and constructed silhouettes with acommpaniation of natural models in every shape,size,skin colour,age or orientation-proving that everybody has place in fashion industry, not only emaciated, white models.

  1. Christian Siriano

It is hard to find a word to describe over 70 silhouettes collection that each and every piece is breath taking. Collection is a debiut  for 10th anniversary of  the brand. Designer acclaims that he is proud of what he has created: designing a collection, which was represented by people from different environments but still with note of elegance.

  1. Prabal Gurung

Designer known from all of the feminist t-shirts with shocking slogans like „The future is female”. Whole fashion industry was looking forward his new vision and thinking how he is going to shock us again. Prabal Gurung was inspired by Chinese ethnic group as well as by the movement of Indian female activists that combine two major elements in his collection: woman as a leader-strength and pink colour! ( not to mention our favourite colour). Designer decided for that particular shade of pink that it is known to be one of the most controversial one and strongly related to one gender- female. It is definetely a collection that has not only visual values, but also it  will not be forgotten.