Global meaning of pink

Bizuu for wider audience is associated with pink and it’s not hard to notice that pink for BIZUU is significant and we use it in every collection.
In current collection pink is a base but also an element of prints- it is mixed with intensive red and pastel seldom, colours that highlight the best what pink can offer. For some people it is a colour connected with sensitivity and feminity. However, for us pink means power, pugnacity and readiness to run the world.
This controversial colour has more meanings for different regions, religions,cultures and nationalities.
In Japan pink is associated with masculinity because of blooming cherry trees. Their story says that they represent young,valiant samurajs, who passed away in their youth.
Jaipur city known as a „pink city” was painted in pink because of Prince of Wales visit. It was a sign that he is warmly welocmed and habitiants with joy host his stay.

Pink, pink, pink

Chinese had not known this colour , until they met with Western culture. That is why in Chinese pink means „the colour from different country”.
In catholic religion pink is connected with joy and prosperity. In Korea means trust. Going back to the past in concentration camps biseksual and homoseksual people were signed with pink triangle that in todays world became the symbol of equality. Pink bow is an international sign of fighting with breast cancer.

Also, pink plays a big role in fashion industry. It is always coming back after sometime to collections as a main or as a minor colour in both male and female fashion. In this season it was presented by Chanel, Prabal Gurung, Jeremy Scott,Ganni and of course BIZUU.