Campaign BIZUU Sport x Powerpuff Girls

Campaign BIZUU Sport x Powerpuff Girls

The newest BIZUU collection is an effect of collaboration with owner of Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting System. It is renewed invitation for the Power Puff Girls world: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, whose amazing energy and power gave inspiration to the creation of sports collection.

Campaign for this collection was created with the help of Karolina Erdmann, the owner of Yoga Beat Studio - a place where dynamic yoga with intense music sound is promoted in Poland. Her authorian trainings strengthen body, take care of its loosen and what is the most important calmest and relax the brain.

This time in role of models were yoga instructors for whom sport is everyday work and passion. Energy, power and girls common sympathy perfectly matched with collection captured in campaign photos.

Behind the camera was Ania Powałowska, who perfectly captured the power and beauty of a woman's body in movement.

The motto of the collection BIZUU POWER has aimed to show that taking care of the body and health is pleasurable as well!